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new release // VALHALLA

SOUND INSURGENTS and I have partnered to collaborate on a new release of epic, cinematic music for trailers. Specializing in unique, signature sounds, this release takes aim at modern, cutting edge hybrid scoring, and is packed full of dramatic, orchestral cues amped up with white-knuckle synth and sound design to drive the intensity to the next level.

Our fourth full album release, this one builds on the stoic power of PROPHECY and kicks the energy back up into overdrive. Featuring a great cast of incredibly talented composers, the entire album is a powerful ride all throughout, and features a great diversity of talent. Features my pieces Parallax and Vendetta.

"VALHALLA takes direct aim at the modern action and epic-dramatic genres with a thrilling collection of unique and stylized hybrid-orchestral trailer tracks perfect for projects requiring dark, menacing undercurrents, as well as edge-of-your-seat intensity." -Sound Insurgents


VALHALLA will be released in December 2020. Produced by SOUND INSURGENTS, mixed by Miguel Lara.


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