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We're now a month into some very unprecedented times. Life as we know it has been completely upended in our collective efforts to curb the spread of this virus, which has been a threat to our public health unlike anything we've seen in decades. We've all felt the impacts of these efforts, but have shown great resilience in coming together to fight the good fight. KIA recently endeavored to lend their help, initiating their ACCELERATE THE GOOD program. In addition to producing and delivering PPE to frontline workers, they've pledged to donate $1 million to America's homeless youth, to ensure that an oft overlooked population doesn't yet again fall through the cracks.

"How do you shelter in place when your home is the sidewalk? Or wash your hands for 20 seconds when there’s no soap or running water? Right now, it’s even tougher for America’s homeless youth. So, we’re giving a million dollars to help keep them safe. Because we’re all in this together. And everyone deserves a fighting chance."

Had the pleasure of contributing the music to this spot. To learn more about the program, visit the link below:

Music composed by Eric Plust.

Produced by SOUTH Music and Sound Design.

Agency: David and Goliath


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